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The best licensed practitioners in Berlin for body, mind and spirit to help you release stress, find inner peace and increase your creativity.

Alternative Medicien is legitimate, scientific and effective.
We support you to find the right treatment in your neighborhood that adresses your needs – physically, emotionally and mentally. A treatment is a holistic process to bring balance into every area of your life. We also offer combined packages of treatments that go hand in hand, such as nutrition, energy work and body therapies – because we want you to feel thriving in body, mind and spirit!

When life throws you a curve ball, we got you.

Let our licensed therapists take care of you – and you simply Relax Max!

Our Practitioners

Acupuncture – Breathwork – Reiki – Naturopathy – Homeopathy – Ayurveda – Feminine Arts – Cranio Sacral – Somatic Bodywork – Shiatsu – Thai Yoga Massage – Shamanism – Coaching


Chakra Healing / Meditation / Coaching


Cranio Sacral /  Somatic Bodywork / Holistic Therapy


Reiki / Art Therapy / Sound Healing

Mamo Lorenzo

Shamanic Healing / Cord Cutting


Reiki / Akashic Records / Psychotherapy


Womans Health / Movement / Vegan Nutrition


Ayurveda / Nutrition / Lifestyle


Reiki /  Art Therapy / Shiatsu

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A few things we’re great at

For us the body is magical and sacred. We like to look at imbalances from a holistic perspective, to release the root cause, not the symptoms. 

Most of our licensed practitioners offer services on- and offline, which gives you the liberty to receive a session at home, when you don´t have much time.

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BODY Session

Acupuncture – Thai Yoga Massage – Shiatsu – Cranioa Sacral – Ostheopathy – Somatic Bodywork – Ayurveda – Nutrition


Reiki – Vibrational Healing – Shamanic Sessions – Sound Healing – Meditation – Breathwork – Feminine Healing


Holistic Coaching – Essential Oils – Reiki – Homeopathy – Somatic Bodywork – Relationship Coaching – Grief Work – Hypnotherapy

Client Testimonials

Happy clients, happy lifes.

The session was amazing. It released my issue with the shoulder, but also some disharmony in the family. It was like a double treatment of therapy without the long talks but with a psycho-physical effect, I feel more alive and have more energy!

John P.

I knew I needed to see someone else then just a doctor, when my symptoms did not go away, after visiting many different specialists. The Ayurvedic nutrition and also the energy healing session helped to come back to balance, and I feel great.

Marta A.

Whenever I´m stuck in a rut and don´t know how to continue in life, I go for a holistic coaching session. I feel that the person really sees me and adresses what my heart needs, not just what my head wants. I feel very grounded and trusting now.

Selena M.

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    Upcoming Events

    Increase your wellbeing, connect with spirit, deepen the intimacy in your relationships –
    and join a thriving community of wellness warriors.

    Vibrational Healing Workshop

    Healing energy, that lets the body vibrate, activates the DNA and releases illnesses by aligning meridians, acupressure points and the chi flow in the body. 

    May 16, 2020 – 10am

    learn more

    Movement Open Floor

    Connect to your body through intuitive movements to release stuck energy, open the heart and activate your wellbeing through collective activity. 

    May 3, 2020 – 5pm

    learn more

    Raw Nutrition Workshop

    Learn all about the healing benefits of raw food, which recepice are easy to make at home and which vegetables and fruits are the best for your constitution. 

    May 21, 2020 – 12pm

    learn more